Warning from scammers

We are strongly warning from scammers & fakers who are misusing our name and approaching individuals presenting themselves as official "scouts" or "staff members" of INDEED Model management.

All of our official staff members & scouts have an e-mail address registered on our official website: www.indeedmodels.com

All of our employees have an official e-mail address with the agency's name ending for example: xyz@indeedmodels.com

All of our business cards state our official name & firm address: INDEED Model Management, Scharnweberstr. 4, 10247 Berlin, Germany, as well as our office phone number: 030 97002680.

Do not trust any individual approaching you, claiming he or she are working for the agency but can't present a legit proof such as an official business card of the agency or an official INDEED e-mail address as shown above.

INDEED Model Management does not communicate via Skype. We do not require underwear, bathing suite or nude images. Please ignore such requests, and refuse the posing in photos of such nature.

Please IGNORE any suggestions of photo sessions requiring payment. Our agency does not charge any registration fees. We do not employ or cooperate with scouting agents who demand a fee for services such as Sedcard / Composite Cards shootings.

Please make sure you ignore any approach requesting a bank money wire transfers, do not give out check payments or any other demands of random payments by such individuals.

False Social Media Profiles

We would also like to warn you of fake Facebook, Instagram or other social media websites & platforms. Please take notice to our official websites & profiles and use only those shown below:

What should I do if I'm not completely certain?

If you are approached by an individual claiming to be working for INDEED, but you feel sceptic or a bit suspicious, do not hesitate & call us right away on this number: 030-97002680

We take legal measures with each attempt of betrayal and we are extremely grateful for such cases brought to our attention.

If you would like to apply with our agency, please make sure you use only our application form or send us an e-mail with 3-4 photos, details and contact as required in on application page.